Trilogy - WBP-200 Coms Wireless Beltpack with Headset
Trilogy - WBP-200 Coms Wireless Beltpack with Headset


With a capacity for 4 single channel beltpacks, the 200 base station allows direct connection to a matrix ...Read More intercom/programme source, like Trilogy Messenger , or to a mic/headset for a local operator. The dual channel 202 base station introduces further flexibility by enabling beltpacks to be grouped according to crew requirements, either as a single ring or as two rings using combinations of the single and dual beltpacks .Both the 200 and 202 base stations include provision to connect up to 20 party-line wired beltpacks in two circuits, thereby allowing an integrated wireless/wired solution. A call function, activated from the base station or beltpacks provides a convenient means of alerting operators in noisy environments.The base stations afford the benefits of front panel detachable antennas with the ability to connect external antennas, either standard or directional to optimise reception over the desired area.Read Less


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