DW Satin Oil Set Ebony - Drum Kit
DW Satin Oil Set Ebony - Drum Kit


Kit: DW Satin Oil Set EbonyKick 22x18Snare 16x14Toms 10x8, 12x9, 14x12Cymbals:Sabian AAX Omni Ride 22"Sabian ...Read More HHX X-treme 18" CrashSabian HHX Evolution 14" HatsSabian HHX Evolution 18" CrashSabian HHX Evolution 16" CrashSabian AAX O-zone Splash 10"Sabian AAX Aero Splash 12"Sabian AA Holy China 18"Read Less


Per Week: £250

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Satin Oil SeriesMade from 100% maple wood with a reinforcment ring for a longer and more controlled decayChrome drum shell hardwareAll drum shells produce a wonderfullly warm tone and an attack sound for which the DW Collector's Series has become famousThe sound produced by the maple is characterised by its soft, warm, balanced resonance yet with a clear and controlled stick attackSTM (Suspension Tom Mount - freely suspended mount system for a vibration-free hanging tom with maximum tonal resonance)True Hoop rimsTrue-Pitch (50) tuning lugsAll drum shells are manufactured according to the SSC process, which ensures that each shell is analysed according to its specific fundamental tone and combined with similar shells, leading to a "tuned" and harmonious drum set.Drum shells are finished with matte lacquerColour: ebony


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